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Top 100 languages by population these are the top 100 languages in order of number of first language speakers this is from the 13th edition of the ethnologue (1996. The world’s 260 million native hindi speakers are mainly found in india and nepal, while an estimated 120 million more people in india use hindi as a second language. Hindi, bengali, urdu and indonesian will dominate much of the business world by 2050, followed by spanish, portuguese, arabic and russian if you want to get the most money out of your language. Since hindi is the predominantly spoken language in india, particularly north india, it is used more frequently in terms of [business] discussions [email protected] high school.

A world language is a language that is spoken internationally and is learned and spoken by a large number of people as a second languagea world language is characterized not only by the total number of speakers (native and second language speakers), but also by its geographical distribution, as well as use in international organizations and diplomatic relations. World population article in hindi language the constitution of india ( article 343) recognises hindi as the official language of india hindi is also the main language in many states of india such as haryana, rajasthan, uttar pradesh, uttaranchal/ uttarakhand, bihar, madhya pradesh, chhatisgarh and himachal pradesh. At 72% of the population, telugu is the third-most-spoken language in the indian subcontinent after hindi and bengali in karnataka , 70% of the population speak telugu, and 56% in tamil nadu [75.

Tamil, a language spoken by about 78 million people and recognized as an official language in sri lanka and singapore, is the only classical language that has survived all the way through to the modern world. Thus the english language no longer belongs to its native speakers but to the world, just as organized soccer, say, is an international sport that is no longer associated with its origins in. Hindi language manual - 2 - table of contents page 1, 2 ± linguistic community hindi is a language hinduism is a religion, and its believers are called hindus and not all hindi-speakers are hindus there are approximately 827 million hindus,of the world population making hinduism the third largest religion in the world after. In the meantime, the language of the indigenous population remained relatively free of borrowings from persian and arabic, and instead borrowed words and literary conventions from sanskrit this language became hindi.

The most spoken languages worldwide (native speakers in millions) the statistic shows the most spoken languages worldwide there were nearly 13 billion native chinese speakers a the time of survey. This article ranks human languages by their number of native speakers however, all such rankings should be used with caution it is difficult to define the difference between a language and a dialect, or between a language and a macrolanguage for example, chinese is sometimes considered a single language and sometimes a macrolanguage whose many varieties are all independent languages. Indians are the people who are the nationals or citizens of india, the second most populous nation containing 1750% of the world's population indian refers to nationality, but not ethnicity or language. The changing percentage of the world's population speaking english, spanish, hindi/urdu, and arabic chinese (whether one counts only mandarin or all chinese dialects, which share a common writing system) is well established as the world's largest language (in terms of native speakers), and its position will remain unchallenged. Article shared by read this essay specially written for you on “population explosion in india ” in hindi language.

In hindi language pdf, essay on global warming in hindi free, short essay on global warming in population kam kii jay to global warming ko roka ja sakta haithe book an essay on the principle of population was first published. Hindi, also known as khadi boli, khari boli, belongs to the indo-aryan branch of the indo-european language family it is spoken as a first language primarily in northern and central india by more than 258 million people ()it is the language that unifies multilingual india, home to some 400 different languages/dialects. World population day essay , article , speech , quotes , slogans wallpapers , images world population day essay population problems give rise to many other problems like shelter, food etc human beings need to recognize their rights and therefore there is need to raise awareness about population. World population day is an outgrowth of the day of five billion, which was observed on july 11, 1987, to mark the approximate date when the world's population reached five billion the world's population reached 606 billion by 2000, and could surpass eight billion by the year 2050, according to un estimates.

  • Determining which languages are spoken most in the world is a more difficult task than you might imagine we can say with some confidence that mandarin, english, spanish and arabic will make an appearance, and roughly in what order but there are some surprises, too, on our list of the most spoken.
  • Read this essay on the problem of over population in hindi language: home essay on population related essays: “the problem and solution for increasing of population”-essay in hindi essay on the population explosion in india in hindi essay on the “problems of population” in hindi essay on population – problem and its solution in [.

About 3 percent of the world's population accounts for 96 percent of all languages spoken today out of all languages in the world, 2,000 have fewer than 1,000 native speakers. As a linguistic variety (including the hindi belt languages except for urdu), hindi is the fourth most-spoken first language in the world, after mandarin, spanish and english alongside urdu as hindustani, it is the third most-spoken language in the world, after mandarin and english. The hindi language also called as hindustani language and is a major language of india over 25% of the population in india speaking the hindi language, this is one of the families of indo-european languages. This large no of speakers made this language as the most spoken language in the world if we talk about the percentage total then, in the whole world population, 141% people speak mandarin.

world population article in hindi language Take andhra pradesh and telangana, for example, where telugu is the local language: these two states combined have a larger population than france, south korea and turkey.
World population article in hindi language
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